Central Unified School District Elementary and Middle schools are critical to the future success of the basketball program. We must keep our kids in the district and keep them involved in activities and events throughout the district. There are several activities and events planned for the community.

Little Grizzlies Camp/Junior Grizzlies Camp (see left navigation tab for more info)

Lil Grizzlies camp runs the entire month of February on Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm. This Saturday camp is geared towards district elementary and middle school students, teaching young players the fundamentals of basketball.

2nd Annual Central Unified Elementary Schools Boys Basketball Jamboree

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, the 14 elementary schools boy's basketball teams in Central Unified will get an opportunity to sharpen their basketball skills at this day jamboree. Click on the tab in the left navigation bar for further information.

Feeder Night

Another event are feeder school competitions and games at half-time during home games. Each elementary and middle school would be matched up and perform skills competition, 3-point shootout, or play a 5 minute half-time game. These events will showcase the talent in the district. Feeder night is Friday, February 10, 2017.

Feeder Basketball Camps

Grizzly Boys Basketball would like to have at least 3 feeder camps per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. This is an opportunity for feeder coaches to train their players while working with a high school basketball coach on basketball fundamentals.

AAU (see left navigation tab for more info)


After the end of the high school basketball season starts AAU season. The AAU season will begin in March and continue through the month of July. This time of the year, feeder teams are created from athletes in the Central District to play in local, state-wide, and national basketball tournaments. Teams are made up of 3rd - 8th grade players. Grizzly Boys Basketball would like to encourage feeder team coaches to participate in AAU. If a feeder coach has never coached AAU then the feeder coach would be placed with a seasoned AAU coach to learn the AAU process and benefits. This will also allow the feeder coach to see the basketball development and growth of the player they coach. 




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